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Creative Permanent Make up & Make up Tattooing

Eye Make Up - Permanent Make Up

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More Than 25 Years of Experience

in art and tattooing
Licensed Intradermal Technician

Eyeliner & Eyebrows

Permanent makeup tattooing is the solution for every womans busy lifestyle.  It gives that fresh ready to go appearance each day without all the fuss and muss of applying and reapplying makeup.  Imagine enjoying all your favorite activities without the worry of makeup smearing and smudging!

Permanent Lip Liner/Full Lip Makeup

Enhance the look of your lips by making them fuller with permanent lip liner and full lip tattooing. Come see cosmetic tattoo artist, Grace Moore, in Decatur, Texas, to make your lips gorgeous and kissable.

Proudly Serving Customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including, Denton & Cleburne, Texas,
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Grace Moore, Permanent Tattoo Make-Up

Learn about A Touch of Grace Permanent Make Up

Look to A Touch of Grace Permanent Make Up in Decatur, Texas, for your excellent cosmetic tattooing needs. As an intradermal technician, Grace is skilled in make up tattooing, which is a procedure where color pigment is imbedded in the skin. The make up services that are offered include, permanent eyeliner, 3-D hairstroke eyebrows, and lip liner w/ full lusious lips.

Grace's mission is to make permanent make up affordable to every woman. When you have one of her procedures done, you'll never have to wake up early to apply make up or touch it up throughout the day. You will enjoy newfound freedom and convenience. With Grace's services, get a fresh and pretty look that stays.


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